Monoblock Directional Control Valve


Monoblock Directional Control Valves: BDL-L100 series

Monoblock directional control valves has many outstanding features including high performance, high efficiency, small volume, mass flow, and leak proof.

u  Monoblock types with 1 working section
u  Flow 100 l/min with nominal pressure 160bar, max pressure up to 200bar
u  Spool returning type with T (spring return) and W (ball locking)
u  Joining port: L (screw connection)
u  Parallel circuit
u  Spool function: O, P. Y, M

u      Nominal diameter: G3/4; G1; M27*2
u      Model examples: BDL-L40E-OT; BDL-L40F-MT; BDL-L40F-MW etc.