Sectional Directional Control Valve

Sectional Directional Control Valves
Sectional directional control valves offers multi-function control valve method to solve hydraulic circuit system requirement. The compact construction design is one of strong features for sectional directional control valve which includes other features, such as low pressure drop, high efficiency. The sectional directional control valve provides selective operation methods including manual control, hydraulic control, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic control. We provide good quality and high accuracy sectional directional control valve for all customers' requirements.
Sectional Directional Control Valves: DL -20 series
u      Sectional types with 1 to 12 working sections
u      Flow 80l/min with pressure 160bar, 200bar, 250bar max pressure up to 315bar
u      Selective operation methods: manual control; handle+ pneumatic control; hydraulic control
u      Joining port: L (screw connection)
u      Selective spool functions: O, Y, A, Q, D, P, M, K
u      Oil circuit modes: parallel; serial; parallel & serial combine
u      Nominal diameter: G3/8; G1/2; G3/4; G1; M16*1.5; M18*1.5; M22*1.5; M27*2; M33*2
u      Model examples: DL-F20-O4T.M6T-J;